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June 2021

Captain James Heron: First Into the Fray, Prequel to Harry Heron: Into the Unknown

of the Harry Heron Series by Patrick G. Cox

Captain James Heron of the starship NECS Vanguard cannot ignore his growing love for Felicity Rowanberg and the looming threat of the Pantheon to the Fleet and to him personally. When they kidnap Felicity, it’s time for love, honour and action.

Available as a paperback, hardcover, and ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and wherever good books are sold.


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Just Published!

The Understanding Autism Series by Dr. Theresa Regan

The 2021 updated edition of the bestselling book Understanding Autism in Adults and Aging Adults 2nd Edition is now available as a hardcover, paperback, ebook, and audiobook, as well as its companion book, Understanding Autistic Behaviors, newly redesigned and updated for 2021 with new insights!

To learn more, visit Dr. Theresa Regan's website at