Questions? Answers!


1. Why should I publish with INDIEGO instead of doing it all myself?

We believe that we are the best book publisher for independent authors because we do it all from start to finish, and we do much more than you would even know or understand how to do on your own because there is a steep learning curve to book publishing. INDIEGO Publishing does all that for you, but we never leave you out of the process. We communicate with you from beginning to end. Another vital aspect of publishing under the umbrella of INDIEGO PUBLISHING is that when booksellers see your paperback in Ingram’s wholesale catalog and online iPage ordering system, they see yours among all the other books published by INDIEGO–thus, your book is not standing out there alone, as it would be if you self-published. You benefit from being published by an actual independent publisher that publishes titles for several authors, not just you publishing your book by yourself. We have access to many publishing services that a self-publishing author does not have. Another critical component to keep in mind is that many book awards refuse entries for books that have been self-published. Many of the more respected book awards require the book to have been published by an actual publisher, meaning a publishing company that has published several books, not a self-publishing author. INDIEGO PUBLISHING qualifies as a publisher in this regard, and we strive to produce such high-quality books that we are proud to enter them into well-respected book awards contests.

2. Will I retain the copyright of the books I publish through INDIEGO Publishing?

Yes, you will retain the copyright. It will be registered with the United States Copyright Office in your name. The copyright page of your book will show:
Book Title Copyright © 2021 Author’s Name
Published in the United States of America by INDIEGO PUBLISHING LLC

3. What are your editing rates?

I love editing and have perfected manuscripts for independent authors since 2005. If you publish your book with INDIEGO, all rounds of editing and proofreading are included in our all-inclusive rate. If you only need me to edit your manuscript, I will be glad to sign an agreement that states IndieGo Publishing will not publish your book or in any way sell your work. In that case, I will charge a per-word editing rate of three cents per word  because I do three rounds of editing. Here is a sample of how the math is calculated: 50,000-word book x $.03 per word = $1,500 payable in two installments, the first half to launch the editing process, and the second half paid when I have edited to the halfway point in your book and have gone over your revisions.

That being said, I strongly recommend letting INDIEGO edit, design, and publish your book because you will have a more involved, immersive experience from start to finish because we will be personally invested in making your book INDIEGO-worthy of publication. :-)

Click here to see a list of many of the published books I've edited. I began building this list in 2005.

4. What is the cost of your publishing package?

Please see our Rates & Services page for details. We are certain that you won’t find a better deal with any other independent or self-publishing firm and receive the personal attention, quality, and excellence that we are known for at INDIEGO PUBLISHING. This rate includes a very long list of products, services, promotions, and marketing initiatives, all of which have a cost in actual dollars and time. If you paid for each of these services individually, you would spend double the cost of our publishing package.

5. How/when will you pay my royalties?

You will earn your KDP (Amazon) royalties directly from Amazon because you will upload your paperback, audiobook, and ebook files to them through your own account. We will guide you through this process. Most of the royalties an author earns are through these sales channels. Of the monies paid to INDIEGO PUBLISHING for wholesale purchases of your book from booksellers, libraries, and organizations through Ingram Book Group, we will pay you 50 percent. This is to cover our ongoing costs to keep your book active in Ingram’s worldwide distribution stream from year to year, and it’s also because these are wholesale purchases at a 50 percent discount, which is standard in the industry to encourage booksellers to stock your book. Our percentage also covers the small amounts of work we do for you on an ongoing basis to help you build your brand as an author.

6. Do you have a paid referral program?

If you refer an author to us who pays for any of our services, whether editing and/or publishing, we will send you a 3% referral fee as a way to say thank you after all services have been paid in full. If the author brings us repeat business, we will pay you this bonus for the first book only (not to infinity and beyond :-D).

7. What kind of publishing contract do you offer?

We offer a non-binding combined editing/publishing agreement, which means you are not trapped. You will always retain copyright, you are not locked in permanently, and after your book is published, you can cancel at any time with thirty days’ written notice. We also provide an editing agreement for each book we edit. These agreements will be provided to initiate each process, editing and/or publishing.

8. About how long does the editing/publishing process usually take from beginning to end?

On average, to set realistic expectations, it takes about 4 to 6 months from start to finish, to take a book from unedited Word doc to published book with initial marketing initiatives set in motion. Please keep in mind that preparing a book for publication is a detailed, creative process that involves multiple steps and the bringing together of many parts and pieces. It needs to be done right the first time. You get one chance to make a good first impression. Allow time to let everything be done perfectly and in the proper order to publish your book the right way.