Ariel was one of a kind—musically talented, sensitive, idealistic, and wildly creative. She flitted from one man to the next like the proverbial butterfly in a field of wildflowers, tasting this one and that, never staying long before fluttering off to the next, relishing her freedom and being her authentic self. Then she met Trent, an immensely talented piano technician—genteel, witty, endearingly self-effacing— her counterpart in every way. She could see herself clipping her wings to grow roots, and did everything in her power to make that happen. But things aren’t always as they seem, and Ariel hadn’t counted on navigating the hall of mirrors of Trent’s carefully constructed façade. Could she be the woman he needed to find himself again, or had he slid too far down the rabbit hole of tortured self-loathing? Wrapped in a symphony of high notes and lows, accents and rests, arpeggios and harmonics, their performance is about empathy, devotion, duplicity, heartbreak, and letting go.

Elfin Princess Keys Court Jester: Not a fairy tale - Lilly Montgomery

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