In Harry Heron: Midshipman’s Journey, the flagship book of the Harry Heron Series, Patrick G. Cox weaves an exciting and authentic tale of a young midshipman in the British Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars. Henry (Harry) Nelson-Heron, born in 1789 during the Irish Rebellion, overcomes prejudice against the Irish and the hazards of an active and inquisitive youth to realize his dream of being an officer in the British Royal Navy. When he and his best friend Ferghal O’Connor make the treacherous journey to London determined to find a ship, fate smiles on them. Harry is appointed a midshipman on the HMS Bellerophon, and Ferghal joins on as a seaman. Exploration, diplomacy, and sea battles with the French challenge their skills and take Harry and Fergal across the seas to the Far East, to Africa, and beyond the limits of their imagination.

Harry Heron: Midshipman’s Journey - Patrick G. Cox

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