Traveling the world is an amazing and humbling experience. Leaving the comfort of your country and culture opens your eyes to the history, customs, and daily lives of peoples in distant places. As an archaeologist, I have met so many kind and wonderful people, and experienced the richness of their culture. I’ve had countless opportunities to marvel at the extraordinary beauty of the Earth. Along the way, I’ve taken photographs, each one capturing the essence of an unforgettable moment. Journeys, a Photographic Essay to Stir the Imagination represents the locations, cultures, interactions, and historic references that have inspired my imagination. As you travel through its pages, I hope they will inspire yours too.


About the Author:

Jill L. Baker PhD is an Independent Researcher in Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology and is currently a Faculty Fellow (adjunct) in the Honors College at Florida International University, USA. She is the author of The Funeral Kit: Mortuary Practices in the Archaeological Record, Technology of the Ancient Near East: From the Neolithic to the Early Roman Period, and co-author of The Greensboro Blockhouse: An Historical and Archaeological Investigation in Greensboro Vermont. She has participated in archaeological excavations, including The Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon and at Tel Zahara, and she directed the excavation of a Revolutionary War