Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder usually receive a diagnosis when certain behaviors negatively impact their health, independence, and quality of life. These behaviors are evident across the lifespan: a two-year-old melts down if his red cars are mixed in with his orange cars; a middle-aged woman exhibits staring spells when faced with relationship conflict; an aging gentleman hoards clocks and papers but does not eat nutritious foods or take showers. A correct diagnosis of ASD is an essential first step in navigating this journey, but the next question is "What now?" To provide much-needed answers, Dr. Theresa Regan, author of Understanding Autism in Adults and Aging Adults, suggests general techniques to improve functioning in the areas of emotional regulation, communication, and independent behaviors. In Understanding Autistic Behaviors: Improving Health, Independence, and Well-Being, she offers practical exercises to help caregivers and family members implement effective strategies that are specific to the ASD individual in their lives to achieve successful outcomes for everyone.

** Note: This book includes sections in a workbook format. Some may prefer a paperback for this reason, while others may take notes via ebook. Please choose the format that will work best for you.

Understanding Autistic Behaviors - Theresa Regan