now offers the following services as our new indie-hybrid publishing model for 2020


All-inclusive fee based on word count

…to keep things simple

INDIEGO offers ONE all-inclusive rate that covers all 20 vital services your book needs (described below), including EDITING, DESIGN, FULL-SERVICE PUBLISHING, and BOOK MARKETING, based on the original unedited word count of your manuscript. This fee is paid in 6 equal monthly payments:

25K – 49K words: $900.00 per month for 6 months

50K – 69K words: $1000.00 per month for 6 months

70k – 89k words: $1100.00 per month for 6 months

90k – 109k words: $1200.00 per month for 6 months

110k – 129k words: $1300.00 per month for 6 months

For the remainder of 2020, to help you through this time of financial difficulty, audiobook narration, production, and publishing will be INCLUDED FREE! This represents a savings of $250 to $2,000 depending on the word count of your book.


* Repeat clients receive a 10 percent discount off these rates.*


…to prepare your book for publication and make it the best in its genre

  • Editing -- developmental, content, line editing -- every aspect of editing your book needs to be publication ready.

  • We use a collaborative approach: several rounds of our edits and your revisions to perfect your manuscript and maintain your authentic voice and brand as an author.

  • We will help you enlist beta readers for valuable feedback on the manuscript.

  • We will proofread the manuscript and prepare it for publication.

  • We will assign unique ISBNs for the paperback, hardcover, ebook, and audiobook

  • Register the copyright with the US Copyright Office

  • Assign the Library of Congress number and mail them a copy of the published book

  • Compile the Cataloging-in-Publication information for the copyright page

  • Compile the metadata that  builds the foundation of your book and research the best keywords for search engine optimization with Amazon and other book retailers.

  • Book cover design that complements the style and genre of your book, for the print version, ebook, and audiobook

  • Social media and print promo designs to match your book cover. The print promo designs incude pdfs for printing a wall banner, poster, bookmarks, business cards, and rack cards.

  • Beautiful, professional book interior to match the overal design aesthetic of the book cover

  • Professional typesetting and formatting of the print book and ebook

  • We will publish your book as a hardcover and paperback with Ingram Book Group to establish  wholesale distribution to booksellers and libraries worldwide.

  • We will send you six free copies of the hardcover edition of your book

  • We will guide you to upload your paperback and ebook files to your own KDP account so that you will receive all of your retail sales royalties from Amazon. We will also guide you in the vital process of gaining early reviews to increase your book’s relevance in Amazon’s search algorithms.

  • We will list your book in the Ingram Advance marketing catalog sent to booksellers worldwide, and to keep your book in their distribution program in perpetuity.

  • Social media book promotion with WhizBuzz books for one year

  • Promote your book on our  INDIEGO website in our online bookstore as well as on our LinkedIn page and in our Adobe portfolio of published books.

  • Advertise your book on Amazon

  • We are so proud of our published books that we enter them in various indie book awards contests.

Monthly payments

…to make it easy on your budget

Experience has taught me that it takes about six months to thoroughly prepare a book for publication: to transform it from unedited Word doc to published book, and to establish the initial marketing and promotional initiatives that will launch your book with success. This process includes many steps in between, as detailed in the infographic above. I'm a master at project managing your book from start to finish, and I will keep you informed at every step of the way.


To start the publishing process, click the button below to select a pricing plan based on the original unedited word count of your book manuscript. We are eager to edit and publish your book and add you to the INDIEGO family if you are serious about your book publishing goals, and you're committed and motivated to do your part to enhance your success and build your brand as an author. This is the essence of the truly collaborative approach we embrace at INDIEGO PUBLISHING. Become and INDIEGO author today!

A Note from the Editor and Publisher


Thank you for considering INDIEGO for the treasured role of being your book editor and publisher. Hi, I'm Janet Angelo, Founder of INDIEGO, Executive Editor, and Publisher. I enjoy the collaborative process of working closely with authors to make their publishing goals a reality. Many authors have told me that I’m the best editor they’ve ever worked with, and several have given me repeat business. Because of my extensive experience as an editor (sixteen years and hundreds of books), I have the unique ability to catch small errors while solving big-picture problems such as plot holes and weak character development. I am naturally intuitive at understanding what an author is struggling to say, and my edits perfect the writing without diluting the author’s voice.


Editing is only the first step of all that we offer our authors here at INDIEGO, but good editing lays a crucial foundation for every aspect of a book: clean typesetting and formatting, and excellent editing even results in greater sales because more people are motivated to do a one-click purchase of your book when the sample pages are well written, cleanly edited, and great at hooking the reader with brilliant storytelling.