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Hello, authors! Welcome to INDIEGO PUBLISHING, and congratulations on writing your book! This is a major accomplishment and a labor of love, and you've probably spent months and maybe even years to achieve it. You've revised your manuscript, rewritten parts of it, and revised it again, and now you're ready for a professional publishing partner to help you make it the best it can be in its genre. You've come to the right place! Have a look around and feel free to email me with any questions. Together we can create a wonderful book that will stand the test of time!

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INDIEGO PUBLISHING offers one fee of $.03 per word for everything your book needs to be publication-ready: editing, proofreading, cover design, matching social designs, interior print book typesetting, ebook formatting, and a marketing biblet. We do that plus everything else to get your book into the world and launched with success! This includes all of the services listed on this page.

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…to prepare your book for publication and make it the best in its genre

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  • We will discuss every aspect of book preparation to make sure you receive exactly what you want and expect in the form of editing and publishing services, interior and cover design, and the project management of everything.

  • I am 100% author-focused. I want you to be the best  you can be. This includes lots of guidance, direction, listening, and helping you launch your book with success.

  • My guidance is based on many years of experience, but you have the final say because you're the author! :-)

  • I'll provide every aspect of editing to make your book publication ready and use a collaborative approach of several rounds of edits that include your revisions.

  • I'll help you enlist beta readers for valuable feedback on the manuscript and to write reviews for when the book is published.

  • I will proofread the manuscript to make it publication ready.

  • I'll compile the metadata that  builds the foundation of your book, and research the best keywords for search engine optimization.

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  • Book cover design that complements the style and genre of your book for the print versions, ebook, and audiobook

  • Social media designs to match your book cover. This incudes pdfs for printing a wall banner, poster, bookmarks, business cards, and rack cards.

  • Professional book interior layout and design to match the overall aesthetic of the book cover

  • Professional typesetting and formatting of the print book and ebook

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  • I'll guide you to publish your book as a hardcover and paperback with IngramSpark to establish wholesale distribution to booksellers and libraries worldwide, and to upload your paperback, hardcover, and ebook files to your KDP account.

  • I can do the same if you want to upload your book to Barnes & Noble as well, though IngramSpark does include them in their wholesale distribution.

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  • I'll guide you to promote your book on your Goodreads and Amazon Author pages, your website, and other sources.

  • I'll create a Book2Look biblet marketing tool for your book and your brand. A biblet is a sample of your book embedded with shoplinks to major retailers worldwide.

  • I'll provide ongoing assistance long after your book is published. I'm always here for you!

Experience in the publishing industry proves that it takes at least three months to thoroughly prepare a book for publication and launch it with success. This process involves many steps, as detailed in the infographic above. To start the publishing process, visit our Contact Us page and tell us more about your book. We will discuss the editing/publishing rate based on the original unedited word count of your book manuscript. I'm eager to edit and publish your book if you are committed and motivated to build your success and grow your brand as an author. This is the essence of the collaborative partnership publishing approach I embrace with my authors because it works!