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Hi, I’m Janet Angelo, the Publisher and Editor of INDIEGO PUBLISHING. I formed my publishing company in 2011 as a natural outgrowth of my commitment to help authors achieve their publishing goals and dreams. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, and welcome to INDIEGO! You probably have lots of questions and maybe a wee bit of skepticism. That's understandable! I have been an independent book editor since 2005 and have edited 500+ book manuscripts, all for indie- and self-published authors. I've always believed in independent publishing, but I know how overwhelming it feels to tackle it by yourself. I take an individual approach to each book and focus on the collaborative nature of the author-editor/publisher relationship. To put your mind at ease and reassure you of my commitment, let's consider some questions you might have.

Why INDIEGO Publishing? Why not just do all this myself?

The old saying “You don’t know what you don’t know” applies to self publishing. There is a steep learning curve. Yes, you can do it all by yourself, but that would require spending much time outside of your job, your family, your friends — your life! — climbing the steep mountain of that learning curve. You will also spend a fair amount of money, but with our all-inclusive rate, we pass on to you the discounts we receive as a publisher from our preferred providers. It would be nearly impossible to achieve all of this on your own. Let INDIEGO be the publishing partner you’ve been searching for!



We’ve got talent, skill, and brilliantly creative people.

I have a personal connection with a talented book cover designer, ebook formatter, and print book typesetter to help launch your book like a rocket and boost it to success right out of the gate. This is critical for any book to find its feet, especially on Amazon. Books with multiple 4- and 5-star reviews in the first few weeks after the publication date are rewarded by Amazon’s search algorithm with relevance, the ultimate goal for achieving success with any online endeavor, including book sales.

We handle all the publishing details behind the scenes.

I will take care of all the project management from the first moment I begin editing your manuscript to the final moments of book launch marketing initiatives, and I'll keep you informed at every step in the process.

I offer monthly payments!

This means you can budget the costs that come with editing and publishing project management, and still pay your bills and live your life.

I offer a discount to repeat author clients.

I value your loyalty and appreciate you more than words can say, and I show it by giving you a 10 percent discount. That amounts to some serious dollars. 

I'm awesome!

I would love to help you achieve your publishing goals and dreams. Let's get started today!

Janet Angelo | Editing & Publishing Services