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Hi, I’m Janet Angelo, the CEO, Publisher, and Editor of INDIEGO PUBLISHING. I formed my publishing company in 2011 as a natural outgrowth of my commitment to help authors achieve their publishing goals and dreams. I have many repeat clients who appreciate my collaborative approach and open communication style. Many authors bring me repeat business, for which I am truly thankful. If you’re looking for an absolute perfectionist of an editor — someone who is talented, experienced, and collaborative — I would love to have the opportunity to earn your business. I will work with you to make your book the best it can be, and I’m very experienced at editing a book so that it’s publication ready, not merely copy-edited for grammar. My thorough editing is a unique blend of developmental editing, content editing, and line/copy-editing. Take a look through our website to learn how easy we make book editing and publishing, the process and the payments, so you can live your life, grow your brand, and build your tribe of loyal readers.

Why INDIEGO Publishing? Why not just do all this myself?

The old saying “You don’t know what you don’t know” applies to self publishing. There is a steep learning curve. Yes, you can do it all by yourself, but that would require spending much time outside of your job, your family, your friends — your life! — climbing the steep mountain of that learning curve. You will also spend a fair amount of money, but with our all-inclusive rate, we pass on to you the discounts we receive as a publisher from our preferred providers. It would be nearly impossible to achieve all of this on your own. Let INDIEGO be the publishing partner you’ve been searching for!

We’ve got experience. We know what we’re doing.

We have a publisher’s account with Ingram Book Group (not just IngramSpark), and we will publish your book with them to establish wholesale distribution worldwide to a much greater extent than KDP’s distribution, but we will send you your paperback and ebook files to publish to your own KDP account so you can earn 100% of your retail royalties from book sales on Amazon. To understand our hybrid-indie publishing model, think of the old saying about the mullet haircut in the 1980s: business in the front, party in the back! INDIEGO’s hybrid-indie publishing model offers traditional publishing at the front end of the process, including all the foundational aspects of publishing a book the right way, and indie-self publishing at the back end of the process, the point at which you take control and ownership of your own KDP account, your monthly sales reports, and your retail sales royalties. (Wholesale book revenues are paid to INDIEGO from Ingram Book Group, of which we pay you 50%.)

We’ve got talent, skill, and brilliantly creative people.

INDIEGO taps into a wide array of talented book cover designers, ebook formatters, typesetters, beta readers, and reviewers to help launch your book like a rocket and boost it to success right out of the gate from Day One. This is critical for any book to find its feet, especially on Amazon. Books with multiple 4- and 5-star reviews in the first few weeks after the publication date are rewarded by Amazon’s search algorithm with relevance, the ultimate goal for achieving success with any online endeavor, including book sales.

We handle all the publishing details behind the scenes.

INDIEGO takes care of every bit of the project management from the first moment we begin editing your manuscript to the final moments of book launch marketing initiatives, and we keep you informed at every step in the process.

We offer monthly payments!

This means you can budget the costs that come with publishing a book *the right way* (meaning more than just uploading to KDP) and still pay your bills and live your life.

We offer a discount to repeat author clients.

We value your loyalty and appreciate you more than words can say, so we show it by giving you a 10 percent discount off the entire editing/publishing package rate. That amounts to some serious dollars. 

We are an awesome indie-hybrid publisher, and one of the first to offer services to embody that designation.

INDIEGO PUBLISHING offers the best of both worlds, traditional publishing and self/indie publishing, and we are one of the original, true hybrid-indie publishers in the market today. I would love to help you achieve your publishing goals and dreams.

Janet Angelo | CEO, Publisher, Editor